Furniture Footprint

ZEITRAUM was founded in 1990 on the premise that quality, design and sustainability should always go hand in hand. The contribution to a world worth living in is a basic element of our corporate strategy.

To offer complete transparency about our products,
we have developed a future-oriented sustainability assessment, the “FURNITURE FOOTPRINT” for our furniture. As far as the sustainable value chain is concerned, a natural product is not necessarily “a good product”!

Product evaluation is based on the following criteria:
The three columns of sustainability and the independent
Life cycle assessment data by Ökobaudat of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The three columns of sustainability

  • Economic sustainability
    Regionalism, the origin of resources, prudent business management, ecological economic structures, ability for repair, timeless design
  • Ecological sustainability
    Recycling management, responsible and environmentally-friendly use of natural resources, create something permanent – longevity
  • Social sustainability
    Independence, work environments that are fair and observe occupational health standards, equality, respect for human rights, personal customer and supplier relations, comprehensive transparency

Sustainable products shall be assessed on these levels and at any product lifecycle stage.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) Data of Ökobaudat
The Ökobaudat is an information portal for sustainable construction issued by the Federal Ministry for the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) and provides a unified database for ecological balancing according to DIN 15804.
Data are subject to stringent quality criteria and set the independent benchmarks of our assessment system.
The Life cycle assessment Data provide precise information about the sourcing of raw materials, the environmental impact of the material, transport routes, and processes at each stage of the product lifecycle all the way to its disposal.

Assessment System and Methodology
We calculate the outcome of any specific material assessment using the weight (in percent) of the individual component in a piece of furniture as well as independent ecological balance data and existing certifications. Over 90 % of the environmental impact of a product is determined by the material.
Our assessment system is a supplemental tool supporting the goal of a sustainable value gain in furniture making. It helps us to choose the material and assists the customer in making informed decisions.

Criteria for a sustainable piece of furniture:
Life Cycle Assessment, production
Life Cycle Assessment, transport
Biological reproduction / Recycling material
Potential for circular economic use
Material usable in native state
Socially compatibility

You can get more information with the flyer “FURNITURE FOOTPRINT”.

At ZEITRAUM we use only raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable or recyclable. We also make every effort to maintain transparency with respect to the materials we use. Despite our high standards we must sometimes use raw materials with a negative ecological balance. We also ensure that all materials meet the highest standards with respect to toxic emissions and we therefore continuously working on optimized solutions.