Pullach in the Isar Valley

DE – Munich, 2019 | Residential

Woodworking trade is a jewel

A piece of solid wood furniture serves to ground us in our world of non-durable consumer goods and fast-paced society. It provides a person with a sense of identity and roots – at the same time it is a storyteller and preserves the emotions over generations. For us, the woodworking trade is a jewel that we are preserving and constantly developing further with new technologies. We focus our senses on the functional and on high quality.

Every design is accomplished with minimum use of materials. In terms of the material cycle, we not only think about the basic material of the furniture, but also about the environmentally friendly production. With refined wood joints and material-friendly constructions, we work out the character of the wood.

Our furniture retains its original charm and ages with serenity. The supposedly transient beauty only reveals itself with the traces of time. Made for more than one lifetime, they bear witness to the many small and great memories. In doing so, repairing and maintaining this piece of furniture only deepens the relationship between the person and the product. It brings our rhythm back into harmony with the heartbeat of nature.

The roots of our values lie in the respectful treatment of our natural habitat, the diversity of which should be preserved for future generations as both a livelihood and source of inspiration. We advocate for this world each and every day.

Photographer:Nava Rapacchietta

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