NL – Amsterdam, 2018 | Office

Special solutions for office desks

Vesteda has set up its new headquarters in the residential building De Boel. The building is located directly opposite the bridge connecting Buitenveldert with Zuidas Station and Amsterdam Zuid Station. On the first floor there are office space of approx. 3,000 sqm.

The existing office space was hidden behind an unsightly facade and could only be accessed through a minimally sized entrance. The facades are now completely glass, and four new entrances provide ample access to the office floor. The interior is completely gutted so that the original concrete structure is visible. The space is now open and inviting, bright and spacious. The dark, closed base has become an open and attractive street facade.

ZEITRAUM offers special solutions for office desks. The CENA table is equipped with a cut out for technical support.

Architect:Hans van Heeswijk architecten Amsterdam
Photographer:Luuk Kramer

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